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Nettle, Spring’s Leaves of Life

The conclusion of the winter season prompts us to search for the ideal remedy to replenish our body’s vitality. Seasonal ending colds and flus, followed by springtime allergies, stresses our organism and exhausts its fuel reserves required to maintain a well-balanced system. The nettle plant (Urtica Dioica), like dandelion, is one of the first plants that shows itself after the winter season. As a naturopath, we often model nature’s bold patterns to guide patients seeking health and wellness improvements.

The following benefits can be achieved by drinking 2 cups of infused organic nettle leaves daily, by Clefs des Champs.

  • Naturally rich in chlorophyll, a compound that helps regenerate the cells in your body and encourages oxygenation

  • Supports your body’s elimination process, encourages your metabolic waste to exit the body, predominantly through the kidneys

  • Its astringent properties helps improve digestive and respiratory mucosa

  • Reduces inflammation by inhibiting the formation of certain prostaglandins (5-lipoxygenase) and leukotrienes B4. For individuals who suffer from arthritis, gout or other general joint pains, nettle is to be integrated as one of your daily ‘vitamins’

  • Most tonics are problematic for individuals with high blood pressure. On the other hand, Nettle decreases fatigue and acts as a catalyst to lower blood pressure through its diuretic properties

  • Boasts an abundance of rich nutrients including iron, potassium, calcium, silica, magnesium, vitamin C, carotenoids, flavonoids (ie; quercetin, rutin, etc.)

  • Reduces seasonal allergies symptoms such as hay fever, asthma

Nettle is an adaptogen plant that can be applied to a wide range of conditions, as seen above. My Spring 2017 medicinal recommendation is well suited and safe for children, adults, seniors, pregnant or breastfeeding women, as well as the chronically ill.

Visit one of our branches and take the time to ask your consulting naturopath if Nettle is the right plant for you.

Cristina Pietrunti ND.A


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