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Who I am and my philosophy



Cristina Pietrunti ND.A

Cristina Pientrunti has been practicing clinical naturopathy since 2009. She obtained her diploma from l'École de Naturopathique CENAB and heightened her knowledge by completing 1 500 hours of her training at l'Institut de la Santé Naturelle Fleury et Rodet (IESN). In addition, she completed her studies in colon hydrotherapy by fulfilling 550 hours of training since 2009.


In 2014, she received a certification in First Line Treatment, which seeks to prevent chronic diseases including inflammation, hypercholesterolemia and insulin resistance.


Since 2016, she's been working with children with special needs while applying a biomedical approach as part of her practice (Training from IESN, "Naturopathic approach for children with special needs"). Presently, she is completing a course in Functional Immunology (capitalize) taught by Dr. Sam F. Yanuck.


Cristina has been a registered naturopath in Quebec since 2012. In addition, she must follow a mandatory continuing education curriculum, comply with a code of ethics, continue to contribute to the profession and fulfill her obligations following the Ordre des Professions du Québec.

Her philosophy

Cristina's passion lies in exploring the effects of imbalances found in the body's systems which she regularly confronts during consultations. Cristina holds a private naturopathic practice. Other than her interest in children with special needs, she also delivers consultations on digestive disorders, thyroid disorders, weight loss, gastrointestinal system imbalances, to name a few.


She also explores how physiological signals precede diseases, such as arthritis, irritable bowel syndrome, eczema, etc. Contrary to using a symptomatic approach (which aims to standardize and treat symptoms similarly), Cristina's mission is to optimize her patient's health through naturopathy to restore balance within the human body. This approach allows her to customize her practice to the needs of her clients.


*** A Naturopath in Quebec does not emit any diagnosis during consultation. The benefits of naturopathy are additional and/or complementary to other allopathic treatments. They may nevertheless support medical treatments without showing any improvement. The questions asked by your naturopath serve to guide better and personalize their recommendations for each patient. Suggestions from your naturopath are not a substitute for your doctor's recommendations.

As a Certified Naturopath and member of the Association de Naturopathes Agréées du Québec, I am committed to offering a service that aims to optimize your well-being while applying nature's science as a key that will unlock your health's full potential!

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