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Consultation Process

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  • A file opening lasts approximately 90 minutes, and follow-ups last 45 to 60 minutes.

  • You will receive naturopathic type questionnaires addressing your diet, medical history, health history (quality of sleep, questions about your digestion, etc.), as well as a questionnaire regarding your stress management and your toxic load.

STEP 2 :
  • Your naturopath will collect information that includes questions about your lifestyle, eating habits, personal and family history, general health history, emotional health, physical health, etc.

  • This information has various details to establish a natural, effective, and exceptionally personalized approach to target your bio individual imbalances. The suggestions brought forth aim to regard the body's system and dynamics.

  • Subsequent meetings will be suggested to adapt proposals to ensure your progress.

  • Meaning your licensed naturopath will offer the following tools to address your health imbalances; nutritherapy, hydrotherapy, essential oils and medicinal plants, personalized nutritional program, vitamin therapy, mineral therapy, physical activity, and dietary supplements.

***A Naturopath in Quebec does not emit any diagnosis during consultation. The benefits of naturopathy are additional and/or complementary to other allopathic treatments. They may nevertheless support medical treatments without showing any improvement. The questions asked by your naturopath serve to guide better and personalize their recommendations for each patient. Suggestions from your naturopath are not a substitute for your doctor's recommendations.

Questionnaire before your appointment
Type de consultation

Please note that responses will be submitted within 24 hours. IMPORTANT: Please check your junk mail if you do not receive any replies. Adjust the rules for this sender accordingly for future emails.

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As a Certified Naturopath and member of the Association de Naturopathes Agréées du Québec, I am committed to offering a service that aims to optimize your well-being while applying nature's science as a key that will unlock your health's full potential!

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